Manage all your work apps and automate your work with simple commands

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YellowAnt is an intelligent assistant bot that lets you manage your apps from inside Slack and not only gives you a 360 degree view of your work, but also lets you take quick actions and automate your work. YellowAnt integrates with your favorite apps - Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, Contacts, Trello, Github, Bitbucket, Evernote, Zendesk, Twitter, Salesforce, Sentry, Jenkins and many more to come!

IMPORTANT: You can only command your personal applications through the @yellowant bot. If another team member creates a YellowAnt account with Slack, they can only command their own applications through the @yellowant bot.

Common tasks that YellowAnt can perform from Slack: send emails, Trigger Jenkins tasks, create and comment on Github and Bitbucket issues, search for Salesforce issues, get notified from Sentry, CircleCI, Airbrake and NewRelic on app updates, create and resolve tickets on Zendesk/Freshdesk, add notes to Evernote, create Calendar events, search Google Drive, Search your contact list, add cards to Trello, monitor Github/Zendesk/Bitbucket/Trello and tweet.

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