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While YAGPDB does stand for "yet another general purpose discord bot" it's slowly getting bigger, and coupled with it's web interface it's not really "yet another bot" because it offers many unique features like: 

 - Youtube upload feeds 

 - roles that gets assigned to you when you're streaming, 

 - the most advanced self-assignable role system on the planet with reaction menu as well 

And a bunch of other stuff (automod, custom commands, reddit feeds, moderation utilities, and so on)

Check out the website and control panel at: https://yagpdb.xyz

2 Reviews of YAGPDB

FlutterBat FlutterBat Aug 31, 2018

ugh what is the prefix??

Koggux Koggux Jan 7, 2018

One of the best Moderation Bots out there