A multipurpose Discord bot centralized on simple moderation, fun commands, and statistics for things like Fortnite and Twitch Channels!

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What is Void? - Void is a multipurpose Discord bot centralized around performing everything you need from a Discord bot in an easy to use way. - Void was written in 7 days time as a challenge by it's creator Charlie#9827 (Me!). Void was originally meant to be a private bot, although after putting some serious time and effort into it, I decided to fully release it for the rest of the world to enjoy! - I sincerely hope you all enjoy my work! Features - Twitch Stats, check your favorite streamers statistics or possibly your own! - Fortnite Stats, wanna check the stats of your friends or maybe even big streamers or youtubers like Ninja and Muselk? With Void, you can! - Simple Moderation, Void features easy to use moderation tools for server owners and admins with commands like: Kick, Ban, Clear, and a working report system (did I mention you can log moderation events easily as well)! - Welcome and Leave Messages, notify your server members when members come and go throughout your Discord with Void's welcoming feature! - Fun Commands, Void features a plethora of fun commands for you and your server members to mess around with! These include (but aren't limited to): Urban Dictionary, Trumpify (you'll see what I mean when you add Void!), Magic 8Ball, Retardify (hehe), Random Quote Generation, Random Dog and Cat Image Generation, and much more! - And so much MORE with 25+ commands, Void is an essential for any server that wants a nice balance of simple and easy to use moderation commands, as well as some useful utility commands and some casual fun commands! Updates - Void is currently running version 1.0.0 - There are currently no updates, as we're still on the first version. New features coming soon!

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