A discord bot with music, moderation, and other pointless commands

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Vexera is a multipurpose discord bot, which aims to provide music, moderation, and other fun/misc commands. 

214 Reviews of Vexera

Dinesh Yadav Dinesh Yadav Sep 29, 2018

Is it online radio stream functionality??

Jan InklingSplasher Jan InklingSplasher May 19, 2018

The best Discord-Music bot for Musik and Moderation!

salty salty Mar 5, 2018

best bot ever!

salty salty Mar 5, 2018

best bot ever!

⚜Awesomer ⚜ ⚜Awesomer ⚜ Mar 5, 2018

Honestly, this bot has the best sound quality for music, which is what I mostly use bots on Discord for anyways. A great choice if you love listening to music.

Kyle Kyle Mar 5, 2018

It's a very fun bot with a easy to use interface, it's discord server is also lit with an awesome community

Yoni Cant Yoni Cant Mar 5, 2018

In my opinion it's the best music bots. It can do other things too. It is easy to use. That's why I have it in my own Discord server.

RickXtreme RickXtreme Mar 5, 2018

One of the best bots ive ever seen

thatandrew28 thatandrew28 Mar 4, 2018

Even though its features may not be unique, it does them absolutely properly! Must have for any server with voice channels.

Darsilva Playx Darsilva Playx Mar 4, 2018

Awesome music, BEST BOT 2018

OxMicro OxMicro Mar 3, 2018

Very nice bot :)))

Jacques Brubalicacou Jacques Brubalicacou Mar 3, 2018

Very useful bot, with HQ music, moderation and other fun commands

Rolobb Rolobb Mar 3, 2018

This is an awsome bot! I love it!

Damien Claassen Damien Claassen Mar 3, 2018

Great bot, obviously some things could be made better but it surely is great!

Loaf Lord Loaf Lord Mar 3, 2018

pretty nice bot

Çikarito20 Çikarito20 Mar 3, 2018

I loved it. Perfect bot.

Timo Ven Timo Ven Mar 3, 2018

Good bot, love it.

Grady Paulson Grady Paulson Mar 1, 2018

Good bot. Does all it says it does. 5/5

AKMZ_63 AKMZ_63 Feb 26, 2018

Vexera has multiple features built into it and also has an aspect of convenience. I'd say that this is one impressive bot.

Jem Evans Jem Evans Feb 26, 2018

It’s quite good I guess

Hank Hill Hank Hill Feb 26, 2018

A very good all-purpose bot. You can do things to fuck around or serious things like music and moderation. Would definitely recommend for use in an all-around server.

Keith Calderon Keith Calderon Feb 25, 2018

Music? Count me in.

Canofbeans Canofbeans Feb 25, 2018

Pretty useful bot

Wilson Wu Wilson Wu Feb 25, 2018

This is a great bot.

Lolek#2913 Lolek#2913 Feb 25, 2018

5 stars, very useful bot. Lolek#2913

nourhan abdeen nourhan abdeen Feb 25, 2018

Great bot. Really useful for a lot of uses. Highly recommend.

72Jenjibre 72Jenjibre Feb 25, 2018

i personally think this bot is the best out of other music bots and its useful i would really suggest getting this bot

Chard Chard Feb 25, 2018

Very useful music bot!

rein rein Feb 25, 2018

reallly helpful bot

Unburnable Unburnable Feb 25, 2018

High quality and fun multipurpose bot.

edgelord nr 942 edgelord nr 942 Feb 25, 2018

I added this to my server and it's utility and compactness really helped keep my bot list nice and short, great job.

WalkerTyme WalkerTyme Feb 25, 2018

Great bot for all purposes, but mainly music of course!

do u know da way do u know da way Feb 25, 2018

This is an amazing bot! I really like this bot and i will get this bot in my server soon!

Onur D. Onur D. Feb 25, 2018

Spectacular! Luke has developed this in his secret lab! I have everything I want. and multilingual. thanks luke

Milan Čotra Milan Čotra Feb 25, 2018

Awesome all-in-one bot

Virenddra Kumar Virenddra Kumar Feb 25, 2018

Vexera is amazing bot that have a lot of abilities. the music quality is very good and moderation ability works.

Mistr Invince Tanki Mistr Invince Tanki Feb 25, 2018

Very nice bot! Really useful.

Its_Storm_Blade Its_Storm_Blade Feb 25, 2018

Very usefull bot it really helps a lot.

XaRvRaX NewWorld XaRvRaX NewWorld Feb 25, 2018

Don't know why people are not using this bot, but I use it in my server and it has all the features of a MUSIC BOT + MODERATION BOT + MEME/FUN BOT.

Piotr Drobiński Piotr Drobiński Feb 25, 2018

Very nice bot, with premium and the additional features it's even better, amazing!

King Kun King Kun Feb 25, 2018

recommend you get vexera, it's fun to use but what it's missing is that it needs a range of commands, furthermore, it's amazing!

Jef Jef Feb 25, 2018

youmomgay.mp3 10/10

Awesomedeath165 Awesomedeath165 Feb 21, 2018

It's a really sweet bot.

Anakin Anakin Feb 20, 2018

Very lit ? bot Would smash

Igor Filatov Igor Filatov Feb 18, 2018

1st hour using it you'll constantly look into +help, then you will go to this site and post a comment, that'll look like: "Holy Hell it is awesome!!!"

JoonaT2 JoonaT2 Feb 18, 2018

Vexera is an amazing bot that has a lot of abilities. The music quality is very good and the moderation ability works.

TheBestGamerYT TheBestGamerYT Feb 17, 2018

Best music bot ever its soo good and it has many many music commands. Thanks Luke for making it !

Christopher Liu Christopher Liu Feb 16, 2018

A great bot to use for playing music publicly in servers. Not too laggy and all around just recommended.

Ghostly Ghostly Feb 16, 2018

Really helpful bot, been using it for a while. Like how it can add playlists.

Oakmm Oakmm Feb 16, 2018

I use it for Music and Admin all the time and although it does need some tweaks here and there (as does every bot) it is the best one I have encountered.

ZuckerTheCat ZuckerTheCat Feb 16, 2018

Good bot has all the features you need to set up a Server

Lightning_vortex Lightning_vortex Feb 16, 2018

This bot is amazing, has good music and the commands are very specific.

Fam0r Fam0r Feb 16, 2018

Nice bot with music and stuff

Sir Snek Sir Snek Feb 16, 2018

Pretty great Bot, has great sound quality and is easy to use.

TroolFace785 TroolFace785 Feb 16, 2018

Very good music bot I have ever seen

Alexander Alexander Feb 16, 2018

Really good bot, use it on all my servers (jk, I use Vexera Beta which is the same lol) and it is great + has low latency

RickXtreme RickXtreme Oct 5, 2017

Im loving it so far, looks really good :)

Lex Lex Sep 28, 2017

One of the better bots. High quality, good commands. Would recommend :)

David David Sep 27, 2017

The music that comes out of this bot is exceptional! High quality and most of the "pointless commands" are not pointless!

Grojd Grojd Sep 25, 2017

11/10 This bot is my favourite because he have the best purge command!

Jesús E. Hernández Jesús E. Hernández Sep 23, 2017

11/9 would buy again Past jokes, Vexera is a great bot for multiple stuff - luke did great on this. Like it! It even has good performance to be a free bot. Here since the beginning, Beemo...

0on 0on Sep 22, 2017

10/10 would recommend!

Yozaa Yozaa Sep 20, 2017

This bot is comparable against other discord bots. The music is more crispier, The activities the bot provides is more enjoyable and most importantly it's a free bot. (+5 Star rating)

TheBestGamerYT TheBestGamerYT Sep 20, 2017

This is the best bot for playing youtube music and to find it for the discord

smash256 smash256 Sep 19, 2017

Very great bot!

Sriram Sriram Sep 17, 2017

One of the best out there

Ganjalf Ganjalf Sep 17, 2017

10/10 great Bot with great support!


I love this. I love vexetra. ive used it since it was called beemo.

Bryan Lai Bryan Lai Sep 16, 2017

love the music, although the controls are a bit hard to understand

Renaud Didelot Renaud Didelot Sep 16, 2017

Good bot with interesting features.

Jonathan Jonathan Sep 16, 2017

Best Bot approved by stalin. GO TO GULAG

SirViperaX SirViperaX Sep 16, 2017

The bestest bot ever.10/10

Jose Alvizures Jose Alvizures Sep 15, 2017

Good bot that always add more features

sean43497 sean43497 Sep 15, 2017

A very easy to use bot, plays high quality music from YouTube and Soundcloud which is helpful/

OTAzOQ OTAzOQ Sep 15, 2017

Really interesting bot. Has music system and some random unique commands on it.

EmArE EmArE Sep 15, 2017

Pretty neato. Good duration, little lag, good up time, good quality. Is good man. Get it.

Oakmm Oakmm Sep 15, 2017

Normally pretty decent. Little to no lag. Admin commands a lil confusing.

12 34 12 34 Sep 15, 2017

Pretty good bot, I use it mostly for music and it occasionally hangs, but nothing serious

S Stewart S Stewart Sep 15, 2017

has some kinks, but definitely is a good bot <3 luke

lbdBG lbdBG Sep 15, 2017

10/10 would e8 again IGN. Pretty good bot, music and administrative stuff :D

Kusal Kusal Sep 15, 2017

Vexera is an amazing bot for the server I frequent. Constant support from devs and interesting experiences through the self server. Vexera is great!

ayylmaobongo ayylmaobongo Sep 15, 2017

very good bot, would recommend

Usman Yaqub Usman Yaqub Sep 15, 2017

I see Vexera, I vote 5/5

Region Locking Region Locking Sep 15, 2017

Excellent music bot with other helpful features. Not difficult to use and hasn't caused me problems. Highly recommended.

James James Sep 15, 2017

Great bot, is very useful for my needs :d

Fabiolous Fabiolous Sep 15, 2017

Did I tell you, this is the best bot I know. 11/10

Onur D. Onur D. Sep 15, 2017

Nice luke's bot.

Epsilon Epsilon Sep 2, 2017

3 stars only because I have to +resume everytime I want to play a song, If there is a fix Id love to know

yashiro03 yashiro03 Aug 2, 2017

great , it's so cool

Dylan Dylan Jul 26, 2017

Gr8 m8 i r8 8/8

vos6434 vos6434 Jul 24, 2017

Great for bot noobs and really fast.

Onur D. Onur D. Jul 24, 2017

Vexera is a very good bot with multi language support.

Alex Konakov Alex Konakov Jul 24, 2017

Rly good bot with lots of features, music could be improved bc of infrequent stuttering

Mikky Mikky Jul 24, 2017

i really use that bot for everything in my server

aquarium aquarium Jul 24, 2017

nice bot good bot its fine

Diego Diego Jul 24, 2017

Awesome bot i use it every day <3

lordofmuchpie lordofmuchpie Jul 24, 2017

8/10 Bot would use VIM again

Martee Martee Jul 24, 2017

Really great bot.. Really simple and doesn't lag

nattes nattes Jul 24, 2017

Useful and easy to use

Andro Andro Jul 24, 2017

Vexera is awesome!! Me and my server's members absolutely love it!!

Skrak Skrak Jul 24, 2017

Very nice bot :D

SlaggyWolfie SlaggyWolfie Jul 4, 2017

Alright, I've found it suits my needs very well. Though I would like for it to fix some of its commands like /doge (returning a very small "window"/purple line with no image) and /illegal (playing late). Otherwise nice bot!

Abdülrezzak Şakşakiye Abdülrezzak Şakşakiye Jul 4, 2017

A bot is cool but Vexera is better :o

condratiy condratiy Jul 3, 2017

APPROVED BY Tachanka Very Fookin noice 10\10

LOLEZ LOLEZ Jul 3, 2017


Oakmm Oakmm Jul 2, 2017

Pretty awesome bot with great music quality. Commands can be a little confusing at times but apart from that, excellent.

Axios Deminence Axios Deminence Jul 2, 2017

10/10 Would rate again

Thewsomeguy Thewsomeguy Jul 2, 2017

good bot, easy to use

Zébulon_fr Zébulon_fr Jun 30, 2017

cool bot easy to use

Snipeeey Snipeeey Jun 29, 2017

Awesome bot easy to use

velot45 velot45 Jun 29, 2017

Great bot! Very simple and easy to use

Plasmow Plasmow Jun 29, 2017

The most useful bot for discord servers !

David David Jun 29, 2017

Always playing those jams with the discord peeps!

Paul Lee Paul Lee Jun 29, 2017

Best bot for musical functions.

magas29 magas29 Jun 29, 2017

meh its a little laggy times to times

Jojo Jojo Jun 29, 2017

Surely the best Discord bot mostly for these musical functions.

arnaaaaaa arnaaaaaa Jun 29, 2017

i like vexera the most because it is the best bot that does the most good things

Zekran Joseph Zekran Joseph Jun 29, 2017

-So good I am going to cry

MrNumber MrNumber Jun 29, 2017

This is a very good bot, with all the feature a discord server need

Tonmoy Das Tonmoy Das Jun 29, 2017

Awesome bot, just play it in the background and chill while you play a game

nfsmw nfsmw Jun 29, 2017

awesome bot . i recommend you to have this bot on your server . ty for the creator

NoliHD NoliHD Jun 29, 2017

Best Bot I've ever saw. Please don't stop supporting him.

Elvis Elvis Jun 28, 2017

A music bot that actually plays topic videos, unlike other music bots :L Therefore, this is already a better choice!

MladshiyLlama MladshiyLlama Jun 28, 2017

Would do the stuff

SparkNewman SparkNewman Jun 28, 2017

I listen to good music while using this bot, thanks to whoever made it.

Quentin De Mal Quentin De Mal Jun 28, 2017

8/10 would add to discord again

TheLegendMano TheLegendMano Jun 28, 2017

Great for playing music while playing :D

almium almium Jun 28, 2017

One of the best bot i've ever seen. It has a lot of fantastic features like the music settings and the miscs settings

Muhsinun Chowdhury Muhsinun Chowdhury Jun 28, 2017

Lots of features, free, and I use it on all my servers! :D

Fenzors Fenzors Jun 28, 2017

I do not always use you, but you never fail me <3

Qiwi Qiwi Jun 28, 2017

It's a nice bot

PhillSix PhillSix Jun 28, 2017

10/10 i love the bot

Simone Simone Jun 28, 2017

Amazing features!

Antonio Antonio Jun 28, 2017

Best Discord bot ever.

Kirotone Kirotone Jun 28, 2017

Although I mostly only use Vexera for music, it's still a pretty awesome bot that I'd highly recommend!

shatterwax shatterwax Jun 28, 2017

10/10 good bot +10/10

PandaCane PandaCane Jun 28, 2017

I love it, very useful!

Dingle Dingle Jun 28, 2017

this bot is great! I love it!

Crisgotix Crisgotix Jun 28, 2017

11/10 would buy again!

du2257 du2257 Jun 28, 2017

This bot is amazing! it's very easy to use too!

Flavika Flavika Jun 28, 2017

10/10. amazing bot!

Sjoerd Peter Agema Sjoerd Peter Agema Jun 28, 2017

Its an amazing music bot. Playlist and so much more. 10/10

Dolan Dolan Jun 28, 2017

10/10 would play again

wipeautcrafter wipeautcrafter Jun 28, 2017

A super cool bot with amazing features, and a lot of funny commands :)

wipeautcrafter wipeautcrafter Jun 28, 2017

A super cool bot with amazing features, and a lot of funny commands :)

joelsuperstar joelsuperstar Jun 28, 2017

A really nice bot with a lot of things in it

xdayylmao xdayylmao Jun 28, 2017

very nice bot, would recommend

Pala Pala Jun 28, 2017

A bot is cool but Vexera is better :o

EmeraldGino EmeraldGino Jun 28, 2017

This bot is so freaking amazing! I really like it!


The best bot ever!

GeauR GeauR Jun 28, 2017

A good bot music, only one small detail but if possible to add that it can read the musics of more than an hour its will be interesting

nee nee Jun 28, 2017

Very nice bot, 10/10. So helpful!

HellHood HellHood Jun 28, 2017

Good bot, I lke this bot, I use this bot every day.

Zeyad Sherif Zeyad Sherif Jun 28, 2017

My Most used bot one of the most features i like is autorole which saves my life eventually :D

MechanicalNinja MechanicalNinja Jun 27, 2017

11/10 Ign, It's a great bot, everything you can ask 4

Predictive Predictive Jun 27, 2017

One of the best bots I have used on discord!

Samaross Samaross Jun 27, 2017

Really nice bot for music

Jay Jay Jun 27, 2017

Best music bot out here yah heard 10/10 ign PERIOD.

Luis Angel Morin Campos Luis Angel Morin Campos Jun 27, 2017

10/10 guys lets do this better

zob zob Jun 27, 2017

10/10 would get again

Aldous Aldous Jun 27, 2017

the bot is nice and good. and it work well 10/10

James Veasey James Veasey Jun 27, 2017

good for music 10/10

João Victor João Victor Jun 27, 2017

15/10 by IGN and Ubisoft

pyro pyro Jun 27, 2017

this bot is really good and it has a lot of fun thing and i love it

Kaos Kaos Jun 27, 2017

2 mlg 4 u 14/10 IGN confirmed

Niki Niki Jun 27, 2017

Really nice functionality. But with some issues

SueNeko SueNeko Jun 27, 2017

Great bot. I tested and compared it with other music bots and this bot had the best quality.

Diego Diego Jun 27, 2017

Awesome music bot, high quality

Bowserinator Bowserinator Jun 27, 2017

Amazing bot, love the music. It's amazing for a free service :)

unklStewy unklStewy Jun 27, 2017

An awesome bot with good music playback and game features. 10/10

Ramtzer Ramtzer Jun 27, 2017

Amazing bot for music commands 10/10 ;)

minemidnight minemidnight Jun 27, 2017

sweet bot! 5/5 stars

Rossilaz58YT Rossilaz58YT Jun 1, 2017

Amazing! My Server Needed Something Like This. Especially The Music Part. The Reason I Did 4.5 Stars Is Because Every Now And Then the music slows down and speeds up .

Lopho Lopho Apr 4, 2017

Great bot, the wait for music was worth it.

TitleGoesHere TitleGoesHere Apr 3, 2017

Great features! There's a lot of good stuff in here. Music works well along with all the commands I've used. However, it can sometimes be tricky to set up auto roles and other moderation features, but that's probably just me.

Vexera is a multipurpose discord bot, which aims to provide music, moderation, and other fun/misc commands. 


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