Connected video conferencing hardware for Slack

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Intelligent meeting hardware for Slack... Twine is connected hardware that bridges the gap between your conference room and Slack. Start a video call, share content, move rooms all without leaving Slack...

Drop It in and Out of Sight

Plug Twine into your TV or projector's HDMI port and you’re set. No hassle. Minimal setup. Twine is compatible with your existing conference room Hardware — webcams, USB and Bluetooth speakers.

Wireless Screen Sharing

Drag and drop any file into Slack’s desktop app or swipe in Slack’s mobile app and your content will magically appear on the big screen. Need to turn your presentation into a full blown video conference? Twine can do that!

Incredibly Smart Conferencing

Schedule a call or start an ad-hoc video conference with team members or an entire Slack channel. No need to fuss with cables and inputs. Just tell Twine to start a meeting from your Slack app and your conference room is instantly connected.

Lurkers and Squatters?

Meeting running over? CEO squatting in the room you booked? Twine can help, Just tell Twine to find you a new room and your meeting is instantly moved. Twine also integrates with Google calendar, iOS and Android for scheduling, reminders, and other meeting magic.

Pricing - Currently in Early Access. Contact us for special pricing:

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