Uncover your business reality with Tonkean's AI

Tonkean is an intelligent software that helps startups smartly manage big picture initiatives, by automatically gathering the real progress & ongoing status of what their team is working on - directly from Slack!

  • Tonkean’s bot knows the right time to reach out for status updates on anything you want to track. It works directly in Slack, so the team doesn’t need to adopt a new tool.
  • Bullet list style “tracks” make it super easy to define the things you care about, and align the team on big picture initiatives. It’s built for maximum flexibility, but with enough structure to surface actionable insights.
  • Tonkean integrates with your team's current tools and automatically matches the “micromanagement” items (tasks, deals, activity, etc.) with the high level initiatives you’re tracking, so you have full visibility into the details of the actual work ­ all in one place!

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