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Toni, Football Bot

Stay up-to-date with all games of the major European soccer leagues.

Toni is a chatbot for Facebook Messenger that gives you information about the games of the major European football leagues, including Premier League (England), 1. Deutsche Bundesliga (Germany), Primera División (Spain), and others. 

You can ask Toni for example: "How did ManU play against Arsenal?", "When is the the next game?", "Latest results" or "Give me the table". Toni also features a live score notification. If you enable it by sending "Subscribe live" he will send you a message when a game start or ends, or when a goal is scored. 

Additionally the bot can send a daily roundup of the latest and upcoming games every morning. Those subscriptions can be stopped at any time. It was initially launched for the Euro 2016 championships in France. Support for additional leagues will be added over time.

1 Reviews of Toni, Football Bot

Patrick Patrick Jan 31, 2017

If I was into soccer, I'd use it every day!