Tomato (Pomidor), a popular children's game in Poland

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Tomato (Pomidor) is a popular children's game in Poland. It involves at least 2 people. One player is selected as “Tomato” and other players ask her/him questions. Tomato must answer all questions "tomato”. The game ends when the Tomato make a mistake, laugh or give up. 

Click on the “Message Now” link somewhere below on the right, to talk to our Tomato Chatbot. It’s cutting edge artificial intelligence, better than Siri or IBM Watson, because it will answer all your questions perfectly: “tomato!” But! There is one magic word that will make TomatoBot laugh and then you win! You have to guess! 

We made this in English, because we want to be famous, even though English-speaking people don’t know shit about Pomidor. Try it!

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