To-do bot

Simple and powerful to-do list for your team in Slack

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With /todo  each channel or private conversation has it's own to-do list that any of the participants can read, add or remove items.

/todo makes it easy for team to manage their to-do list as you can assign users to each taks.

Type /mytodo and you will be able to see all the tasks across different channels where you have been assigned as well as create your own personal tasks.

Some of the available commands:
/todo prepare client proposal Adds "prepare client proposal" to the channel to-do list.
/todo list Shows the to-do list of the channel
/todo done 1 Marks task number 1 as done.
/todo assign 1 @johnsmith Adds "@johnsmith" to the task number 1.
/mytodo Manage your personal to-do list and view the tasks you are assigned to.

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