Non-intrusive in-chat time-tracking

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Karma bot team (https://karmabot.chat) built a non-intrusive time tracking on Slack for startups: https://timebot.chat

With Time bot a team can record tasks directly in Slack channels.

Originally, it was a part of Karma bot, but that one recently pivoted towards rewards and engagement. Tracking tasks and time seemed like an excessive feature, not many Karma users benefited from it. Naturally, we decided we should simplify and give time-tracking module a chance.

How Time bot works:

- Let's say, you started a day in #marketing channel writing a post for a FB community, just type this on the channel `/t posting on botlist` and the bot will quietly make a note of that (timestamp, channel, description).

- Then you decided to work on the logo update: jump onto #design and type `/t logo update`.

- Wanna see, who's online? Type: `/t online`

- On your phone and unavailable atm? Try `/t call` – and Time bot will note down the task and (optionally) set your status to ☎️, so everyone else can see that you're sorta busy.

Your personal Time bot notes are visible to you and team moderators (roles can be assigned independently from Slack privileges). A team can choose to have a public up-to-date real-time dashboard that indicates who's doing what.

In bigger teams, managers can generate reports and bill clients based on the time records.

To mark the launch, here is a 33% OFF discount TIME33 (42/100 available), enjoy!

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