The Coachbot

Your next AI-powered personal trainer

The Coachbot is the first AI-powered personal trainer, built by professional personal trainers and artificial intelligence experts, it helps you reach your best shape and improve your health and fitness.

With its natural language interface, Coachbot can give you:

  • Training plans built around your own feedbacks that adapts to your personal goals and daily progress.
  • Information about bodyweight exercises with detailed HD videos.
  • Nutritional information about food and recipes.
  • Daily motivation with quotes and videos when you need it most.

Coachbot is designed to be used by everyone: men, women and busy people, it is always learning and improves its knowledge day by day.

You have no more excuses to start working on the best version of yourself.

1 Reviews of The Coachbot

Guizard Feb 27, 2017

Hello friends, I am Joe, creator of the Coachbot. Working in the mobile fitness industry from several years I've learned that the main problem here is misinformation. My goal with this project is to create an intelligent tool that can teach people how to take care of their health and improve their fitness at the same time. Every kind of feedback is fundamental for the Coach, so please don't be shy :)