Chatbot for TV show fans

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Your personal assistant who helps to discover TV shows and notifies of upcoming season premieres.

22 Reviews of Tely

Vivek Ramesh Vivek Ramesh Sep 29, 2017

Just doesnt know that unsubscribe means no further messages. Even after unsubscribing, keeps pinging daily!

Aadithya Gupta Aadithya Gupta Jan 13, 2017

Simple and elegant bot.

Julie Elliott Julie Elliott Jan 11, 2017

This bot is really helpful. Thanks for adding more useful features every week! Good job!

Chris Nas Chris Nas Jan 10, 2017

Really like the look and functionality of the bot. So helpful and easy to use. Highly recommended!

Jeff Tedford Jeff Tedford Jan 10, 2017

Neat bot. Love those fun GIFs too :)

Angela Mann Angela Mann Jan 9, 2017

I'm so happy you folks created this bot! A ton of useful content about TV shows and schedules. And recommendations are kind of cool too.

Tyler Ray Tyler Ray Jan 8, 2017

Sends me updates so that I never miss a show. Sweet!

Michael Adey Michael Adey Jan 7, 2017

Nice job! Respect!

Shane Gartny Shane Gartny Jan 7, 2017

This bot is truly amazing! It's my go-to bot when I look for a new TV series to watch.

Nina Nina Jan 7, 2017

My favorite bot!

Ivan Ivan Dec 13, 2016

Best chatbot ever! Love it!

Rostislav Shorgin Rostislav Shorgin Oct 14, 2016

helps me stay on top of my fav shows!

Pavel Shishkin Pavel Shishkin Oct 14, 2016

I like it's recommendations.