Pick sports winners every day via Messenger and win Amazon $$

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Sweep is  a fun, quick, and easy way to pick your sports winners and get Amazon Gift Cards. Engage via chat. No app to download, no browsing required, just stay in your Facebook Messenger inbox. The team at Sweep brings relevant experience from FanDuel and Fantasy Hub.

4 Reviews of Sweep

John S John S Jun 4, 2018

Their new challenge friends feature is insanely good for a Messenger bot, I'm so impressed and have been referring friends like crazy just to challenge them!

Hydrant Hydrant Jun 4, 2018

Seemed too good to be true, but I've won 2 "sweeps" and been paid out in a timely manner. Bot gets better every week as they add new features and make it even easier to interact with.

Tiffany Wood Tiffany Wood Jun 1, 2018

Sweep is awesome. I’ve been using it for a few months now and it doesn’t let me down. The newest update with the ability to challenge my friends is pretty cool and obviously winning amazon cash is great too. My friends and I will definitely keep using and passing it along

Zac Martin Zac Martin Jun 1, 2018

An easy five star review for this user friendly Facebook app. It is a great and quick way to have fun with sports and it’s at no cost to you except for the 5 seconds it takes to make your picks! They’re constantly updating the user platform and it only keeps getting better. Nothing but love for Sweep.