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All game info about, Survius, an awesome free survival game!

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Use prefix ! with; Help, Invite, About, Commands, Survius, Download, Discord, Forum, Top10, Heros, SurviusWiki, Bug, Clans, Lags/lagging, Trailer, Videos, Info, Credits Controls, Navigation, Status, Items, Build, Repairs, Destroy, Airdrop, Plane, Helicopter, Parachute, Zombies, Clan, Clans, Goal, Chat, Guide, Crafting, Weapons, Food, Beverages, Clothing, Tools, Medical, RedScreen, Boil, Loot, Hunting, Huts, Deer, Trees, Base, House, Farm, Building, Towns, Climbing, MilitaryBase, Cars, Boats, Horses, Outfit, Player, Craftfield, Clemenster, Wennerston, SafarInn, GreatVliet, HuntersLake, ClosedBridge, Rockridge, Pumpkin, Antenna, Harbor, EasterEgg !getinfo (!getItem like !getAxe or !getLMK) Axe, Machete, SpikedBat, Flashlight, Sunglasses, Matches, Tent, Pistol, GunClip, Crossbow, Arrow, Trap, GreyHat, CowboyHat, BaseballCap, ScrapMetal, Canteen (empty with clean and dirty water), Tomatoes, Seeds, Soda, Beer, Cloth, raw Meat, grilled Meat, Can of Beans, Can of Corn, Chocolate, Campfire, fire Barrel, Logs, Planks, SleepingBag, Safe, Obstacles, Box, Foundation, Stairs, Wall, Window, HerbalMedicine, Antibiotics, Bandage, LageMedicalKit (LMK) 
 And do you find the hidden commands? (!M or !Map to see the map of Suvirus) SurviusInfoBot a must for any Survius player. Online 24/7 soon!

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