A cool discord bot which is made with many useful functions.

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A cool discord bot which is made with many useful functions. Cleverbot, fun commands, dictionary, google, information commands, calculator commands and many events. Use ~help to see its commands and use ~set to make its log channel, there is a simple youtube command which works with youtube video id. The command which is marked by the most users is the ~race command.

10 Reviews of Supra

Cyclone team Cyclone team Mar 26, 2018

supra is now replaced with cyclone

Michael Williams Michael Williams Jul 5, 2017

Is the bot's server down? its showing offline on my server. Not sure if its an issue on my end or not.

Cyclone team Cyclone team Jul 3, 2017

DragSter, i'll upgrade that today. thanks for the great idea man

DragSter DragSter Jul 3, 2017

Good bot ! there is a new function, called ~yt <anything> . i like that too, can you please mix that with ~play <video id>. it would be a lot better!

Dude! Dude! Jul 2, 2017

Wonderful, i like its all functions, and nothing bad to say! my server people loves it.

Mr.CarGuy Mr.CarGuy Jul 1, 2017

5 stars for me, cause i really like this. suggest this bot to everyone

Toyota Supra Fans Toyota Supra Fans Jul 1, 2017

Just typed 'Supra' in search box and found this. glad that i am a discord user, this is a very nice bot. i love its functions. Hey this dude may be a Supra fan. so you got part in our community

TrapNation TrapNation Jul 1, 2017

Nice Bot. i don't have anything to say with it, its perfect. all my server people is not leaving it, always using its commands

Dragon Night Dragon Night Jul 1, 2017

Wow! every server needs a bot like this. its so cool. awesome log system. keep it up dude


Awesome! i didnt think that this would be that great. i love it