Statistics Bot

An advanced server statistic tracking bot for your discord server.

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Statistics Bot is a advanced statistic tracking bot for your server, it tracks a number of different events. %serverstats Displays statistics for current server %aboutstats Displays a description of statistics bot %globalstats Displays global statistics for all servers %help Displays help for statistics bot %invitestats Displays & generates an invite link for statistics bot The bot fully supports renaming your server, and gives a nice message when you add it to your server instructs you on how to use it. The bot is not obtrusive and will only message when you want it to.

5 Reviews of Statistics Bot

Christian Walker Christian Walker Jan 7, 2018

cant access it, invite link is broken

NoahLiedFilm NoahLiedFilm Jul 1, 2017

Bot owner reviewing own bot :( Nice picture, is it minecraft?

AyVayImpact AyVayImpact Jun 3, 2017

This bot is helpful, useful and all round fun to use, easy to contact the Owner - This bot is deserves 5 starts =3

Parcanss Parcanss Jun 3, 2017

Sick bot bruv, gave me all the stats about my server init 100% recommend

Alydus Alydus Jun 3, 2017

sick bot bruv