The recruitment bot that lets the talent talk

Stanley is the world’s first chatbot recruitment assistant that captures your voice. A Facebook messenger bot that takes care of all things recruitment for you - 24/7. From answering recruitment related inquiries, processing job applications, interviewing potential candidates to creating a shareable audio profile for candidates you’d want to review and share, Stanley handles it all.

How it works for potential candidates:

  • Clicks on an Ad or Job Posting from the internet
  • Lands on the Messenger account of their desired employer
  • Converse with Stanley
  • Initiates a conversation by clicking on Getting Started
  • Gets guided through the application process by selecting job openings
  • Provides their contact details via conversations
  • Gets invited to an audio/chat based interview depending on employer 
  • Records/types their answers for a few questions
  • Completes the interview
  • Wait for Stanley to keep them updated in real time about:
  • Interview completion and profile delivery confirmation
  • Recruiter shortlist/reject decisions
  • Recruiter’s attempt to contact via direct messages
  • Move onto something else in life

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