A discord bot designed to assist Destiny 2 players with everything

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Spirit is centered around helping Destiny 2 clans kick ass. Spirit's goal is to provide all of the functionality needed to run your clan, while still providing your members with additional functionality via the Destiny 2 API. 

Spirit is still currently very new, and as such doesn't have a ton of features yet, but more are on the way! 

  • Display your last played character's loadout
  • Display information about the weekly nightfall strike
  • Clan roster, including time zone and Destiny 2 class
  • Event planner with user attendance
  • Countdown to upcoming Destiny 2 releases
  • Custom command prefixes
  • Optional command spam cleanup 
Spirit also has its own support server where you can keep up to date with new features, report bugs, request features, or just get additional help from the developer. 

Join the Spirit Support Server: https://discord.gg/GXCFpkr

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