Sparky Smart

Smart Home Virtual Shopping Assistant

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If you’re just embarking on your smart home journey, you need advice on where to start from. You have to choose a solution that responds to your needs, fits within your budget, will be able to last several years, conforms to security and privacy standards, and will be compatible with other devices you will possibly purchase in the future. 

There are several vendors offering identical or similar solutions with different technologies, pricing models, warranties and updating mechanisms. Which one will you choose? 

Sparky Smart is a smart home virtual shopping assistant powered by advanced artificial intelligence engine that improves the experience of smart home shopping. From the moment you decide to purchase a smart home solution, Sparky will assist you by providing you with suggestions based on your preferences and budget range, thus obviating the need to go through dozens of websites and technical documents to find out what’s best for you. 

Also, if you already have other connected devices, Sparky will help you make sure your new addition will be compatible with your current ecosystem and add value without causing technical issues.

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