Real-time worldwide air pollution data at your fingertips

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Smokey, a Facebook Messenger Chatbot, Puts Real-time Air Pollution Metrics At Your Fingertips

Did you know that 6.5 million people die every year because of air pollution? That's 18,000 deaths every single day - more than the number of people killed by HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and traffic accidents combined!

Smokey is like Poncho but for air pollution. We believe that air quality data should be as easily accessible as weather data.

Are you a runner? You can now automatically get alerted only when the air quality in your city reaches unhealthy levels, so you can opt for the treadmill instead of running outdoors.

Are you a parent? You can get regular air quality updates every morning and decide whether your children should wear a face mask to school or not.

Message Smokey today to get your city's real-time air quality data at your fingertips.

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