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SkillFlow is a real-time collaboration tool for developers built right into your existing workflow. Unlike traditional Q&A forums like Stack Overflow ❤, SkillFlow directly notifies potential problem-solvers and initiates a real-time chat so that your problem is directly addressed and no time is wasted waiting for people to discover your question.

11 Reviews of SkillFlow

Adam Adam Dec 29, 2016

Not so much a bot as a useful service that I use every day. The fact that the bot can learn from my team's conversations and intelligently answer any related question is invaluable. A must-have tool for developers.

Matt Matt Dec 24, 2016

at least it works

kameron kameron Oct 15, 2016

I love the instant help and clarification I can get from the bot. Using stackoverflow to look through outdated examples is so 2015

SZ SZ Oct 13, 2016

This bot has saved my ass numerous times so far. Much faster than scavenging through StackOverflow or asking on IRC. Definitely recommend for all coders!

Samson Yi Samson Yi Oct 12, 2016

We had this idea before but they beat us to it! Touché skillflow!

Andrew Pierce Andrew Pierce Oct 12, 2016

I was lucky enough to be one of the first users on the platform. At first, most questions were actually answered by the Skillflow team, and almost nobody was on the platform. However, over the last week or so, the platform has grown, and I've seen it pop up in more slack teams. Just the other day I had a C++ question that was replied to within five seconds (Thanks Keith!). My experience so far has been good, my opinion though, I admit is a bit biased. I honestly think if the SkillFlow team keeps up the good work this could become something huge.

Joe Joe Oct 12, 2016

So easy to get started - going to save our developers a ton of time!

Jorge Hughes Jorge Hughes Oct 12, 2016

It just works. I get responses to questions within seconds.