Small Discord bot with some useful feature

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Some commands need Arguments <> are important arguments [] are optional.
If you found any bug feel free to contact schlaubi

Command list

Fun  - ::rip  - (Make your own Tombstone)

::medal  - (Creates your own medal)::lmgtfy  - (Generates an help link for people who don't check how to use google)  - ::gif  - (find your favourite gif)

Server moderation

::clear  - (clears messages)::kick <@User> - (Kicks a user)::ban <@User> - (Bans a user)::mute/unmute <@User> - (Mutes/Unmutes a user)


::ping - (Sends the actual ping of the Bot to Discord)::version - (Sends Bot's version info)::servers - (Specifies a list of all servers where the bot is running)


::music play  - Queues a song::music stop - Stops the queue::music now - Shows information about the current song::music pause/resume - Pauses/resumes a song::music volume  - Changes the volume of the bot::music shuffle (Shuffles the queue)::music disconnect - (Let the Bot disconnect)::music skip [number of songs] - (Skips the specified amount of songs)::music queue - (Shows the queue)


::vote create |||... - create a vote::vote vote  - vote for a possibility::vote stats - get stats of a current vote::vote close - close a current vote

Server settings

::settings log toggle - Toggles command logger::settings log channel <#Channel> - Sets log channel::settings joinmessages toggle - Toggles joinmesasges::settings joinmessages leave - Sets leave message::settings joinmessages channel <#Channel> - Sets message channel::settings prefix  - Sets the server's prefix

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