Runtastic Fitness Bot

Stay fit and motivated with the most advanced Bot in Health & Fitness

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The Runtastic Fitness Bot takes your fitness to the next level & connects you to a community of over 100 million users! It provides you with: 

(1) Quotes to boost your motivation: The Runtastic Fitness Bot sends you motivational quotes. Get a good start to the day and stay on the ball. 

(2) Customized bodyweight workouts including direct video instructions: Receive personalized workouts using your own body weight from the Runtastic Results App. Select your fitness level, which muscles groups you would like to work, and set yourself a reminder for your next training session. 

(3) Helpful tips from the Runtastic Blog: The bot has tons of useful information from Runtastic experts on everything from running & fitness to nutrition, weight loss and health.

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Othmane SAKHI Othmane SAKHI PRO Jul 29, 2017

Awesome !!