Running coach

Your personal digital running coach

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Running coach will prepare you for the race. Your personal digital coach is a real coach which will help you to create a training plan and coach will follow you during preparation to the race. 

5 Reviews of Running coach

Artem Ostapchuk Artem Ostapchuk PRO Mar 3, 2019

Interesting and useful approach to prepare for 10km distance running. Tested by myself

Антон Дуда Антон Дуда Mar 2, 2019

Nice bot! It helped me to prepare to the marathon!

Thomas Thomas Feb 28, 2019

quite useful bot)

Frederik Van Lierde Frederik Van Lierde Feb 27, 2019

The bot start great, asking questions, having suggestions And when everything is done, you get a button upgrade to get plan I understand that bot need to generate money, but make it clear in the beginning! How can we even think of paying if we don't know the value you give. I see the value of this bot, but not this way

Maksim Pranov Maksim Pranov Feb 22, 2019

advise to try trainings with personal coach!