Your personal shopper bot

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RooBot is your personal shopper bot from Blue Kangaroo! Find the products you want at the best prices from across the shopping universe.

11 Reviews of RooBot

Ivandir Ivandir May 20, 2017

What was this bot build with?

angham angham Nov 6, 2016

Wow! Truly makes online shopping convenient. Less hassle more options. Roobot is a smart cookie.

Qusay Thiab Qusay Thiab Nov 6, 2016

An exciting shopping experience ...

Antonin Archer Antonin Archer Nov 6, 2016

Good ideas: Onboarding with carousel on first interaction Price drop alerts: alerts you when the article’s price drops Your own collection of products you saved Bad ideas: Ugly product pictures UX too messy, we can do too many things Terrible AI. Typed “I want a car” and got bullshit

Lena Lena Nov 6, 2016

it was so fun chatting with a bot, much more exciting than just typing keywords in the search window.

Rula Ifteiha Rula Ifteiha Nov 6, 2016

Very helpful and impressive bot

Faisal Faisal Nov 4, 2016

love the price alert feature

Laurence Marks Laurence Marks Nov 4, 2016

Finally, a Siri for Shopping!

Roobot Roobot Nov 4, 2016

What a fun way to shop

Paul Nichols Paul Nichols Nov 4, 2016

Love this shopping Bot. Best one out there.