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Rewardy is the first chatbot which can actually make you money!

Earn points by trying simple tasks

Redeem points for gift cards to top retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, PayPal cash, and more.

The perfect solution for a few spare minutes.

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4 Reviews of Rewardy

Boris Boris Dec 19, 2017

Really good! I cashed out ÂŁ10 iTunes gift card!

Angela Jordaan Angela Jordaan Dec 19, 2017

This totally works! It sends you a code when you tap on the thing, in three or four days. In your email, that's why you need it. Great bot to have!

Kelsey Giresi Kelsey Giresi Dec 14, 2017

Just cashed out my first 2$ on PayPal after just a few days. It's definitely legit and easy to use for pocket change. Great if you like putting a bit of money into mobile games.

Jake Dollaz Jake Dollaz Dec 14, 2017

I love this bot because i used to spend so much money on xbox cards but now i dont have to!!!! And in just a few days i can get a 15$ card and buy some Call of Duty or Minecraft stuff