Rammas Virtual Agent

Rammas powered by AI Respond to DEWA customers instantly

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RAMMAS Virtual Agent powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) available 24/7 in online channels, to attend customer enquiries in both languages English and Arabic. “Rammas”, has been made available to customers on various channels including DEWA website, Mobile App for iOS and Android, Facebook messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Pepper Robot to help customers without any human intervention.

RAMMAS responds to customers instantly, relying on its comprehensive knowledge-base and real-time integration with ERP SAP system, such as Bill Enquiry & Payment. RAMMAS constantly improves its future interactions using its self-learning capabilities and the Sentiment Analytics capability to analyse customer interactions for continuous improvement.

“RAMMAS” virtual agent is entirely established based on AI capabilities, following a unique concept of “Build once and Deploy to many”, with scale out option to spread across more customer service channels. 

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