Reminders from a bot that speaks human.

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Raiya is a reminder bot that makes remembering simple. No tags, flags, categories or trained behaviors. With Raiya, simply start a conversation and manage your teams—on their terms.

An intuitive tool for remembering, Raiya improves over time, enabling her to understand and respond to natural language, making her organic responses and timely reminders all the more welcome. With Raiya on your side, you can:

Capture Thoughts
As they occur, without being forced to prioritize, organize, or label.

Build Better Habits
By creating shared reminders among family, friends and co-workers for added collaboration and accountability.

Facilitate Fluid Communication
Through a fast, smart, and astonishingly simple interface that continuously improves.

Effectively Manage Tasks
Across teams without having to change how they already think or behave.

Achieve Work/Life Balance
With timely, relevant reminders that help you and your team focus on what’s important.

Get More Done
And end each day feeling wildly productive, with projects organized and deadlines met.
When the moment strikes, you can:

* Set up and receive notifications for a specific date and time.
Add, edit, complete, and re-schedule reminders from your phone, tablet, and computer with an automatic sync across all devices.
* Keep track of important deadlines, set reminders using natural language, and know what’s important in the moment.
* View and organize reminders for the day or week ahead.
* Send and receive essential reminders with family, friends, colleagues, or just yourself.
Learn more at slack.raiya.ai.

Contact developers at tari@illumin.io

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