Social quiz inside Facebook Messenger

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Quizdom is a social quiz inside Facebook Messenger. Type 'random' to get connected to a player who is currently live, and play a quick quiz match against him or her. After answering the trivia question you can either chat or tap 'random' for your next opponent. You can play against past opponents by typing 'rematch' and see how you rank in your country with 'stats'. 

To get a list of all commands type 'help'. Quizdom originated as an app for Android & iOS. It was launched in 2014 in Greece and became the most successful Greek app ever, being 30+ straight days Number 1 at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, at the same time. It currently has its own prime-time TV-show, which runs in its second season.

10 Reviews of Quizdom

Meropi Panagiotou Meropi Panagiotou Dec 23, 2016

Interesting and fun game. I can play with my friends but also meet new people and play with them.

MBUCH MBUCH Dec 18, 2016

slow response, cant get out of the loop

BlueEyes BlueEyes Dec 13, 2016

Highly addictive game, playing it with a bot makes it even more fun.

Chris Chris Dec 12, 2016

Addictive trivia game. I love beating my friends in the most nerdy way! TIP: Use chat as well ;)

val val Dec 12, 2016

Just perfect!

Konstantinos Konstantinos Dec 12, 2016

Great game to kill some time! I love that I can play without downloading anything!

Jacky Sid Jacky Sid Dec 10, 2016

Interesting trivia questions, kind of like chat roulette for Messenger because u play with mny different people. greatest game in the last weeks

Michael Schreiber Michael Schreiber Dec 10, 2016

First Bot game, that I am really playing. Usually in the subway, pretty fun.