Promo Bot

All you need in your next promotion on League Of Legends

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Promo Bot is your Guru on the champion selection. He will give recommendations based on big data analysis. stuff like: 
  • Top Bans 
  • Champion Builds 
  • Champion match-ups and more... send him a message now!

6 Reviews of Promo Bot

hanny hanny Nov 26, 2017

Overall cool bot, sending weekly plays (sometime annoying) helpful for LOL players, good statistics

Michaelor Michaelor Jan 15, 2017

Great, when are you going to add masteries? can be useful

Gidi Gidi Dec 20, 2016

surprisingly good :)

twitch_tv twitch_tv Dec 14, 2016

This bot should be an example for other bot builders, responds exactly to the domain of gaming. gives tons of value, great use of the platform.

Darius Darius Dec 11, 2016

Useful, i use it every day now actually