Get weather+horoscope updates with the most popular FB bot

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Poncho tells you the weather every morning & evening (or whenever you want!), but he's a cat with many talents. Along with daily weather forecasts, he's got: 

  • Severe weather alerts to keep you safe
  • Rain alerts to keep you dry
  • Running forecasts to help you plan your run
  • Horoscopes to warn you about Mercury in retrograde
  • Pizzas to snack on (and to share with friends) 

 Chat with @Poncho by typing “jokes,” “pickups,” or “would you rather,” and see how he responds! Or bring him into a group chat to diffuse an awkward moment by typing “awkward."

2 Reviews of Poncho

Nomad Nomad Dec 13, 2016

Perfect, except horoscop....

Andre Andre Nov 5, 2016

Really well-made and fun bot with some weaknesses in the language processing.