Friendly foosball scorekeeper and stats tracker for Slack

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Your team has a foosball table? You need a little break from work? Play foosball like a pro with me, your friendly jungle-hood scorekeeper, stats tracker and Bananalyst™. I’ll help set up games, keep live scores, and keep track of your performance on the field! Start up a game by saying `@papio: play` 

I’ll also listen to things like: 

  • awards [all time]: display the bananawards 
  • stats [all time]: display everyone’s stats 
  • revenge: start new game with last game’s players 
  • list: display all players in queue 
  • remove @name: remove a player from queue
  • go bananas: make me go bananas!
  • reset all stats: reset all the stats (admin only) 

Don’t be scared to ask me for `help`, I promise I won’t make fun of you!

1 Reviews of Papio

Othmane SAKHI Othmane SAKHI PRO Jul 25, 2017

this is the funniest monkey pet so far!! i love it :D