Panda Rescue

Help a rescued baby panda grow up and be released back into the wild in this voice based adventure game!

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Panda Rescue is an an educational story game for young children about the importance of conservation projects for vulnerable species, like the Giant Panda. Children will love the amazing sound effects as they play the character of a young volunteer who has just been accepted into the Panda Wilderness School, which is a Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda, in Wolong, China. The center has just rescued an orphaned baby panda from the forest and children play the assigned carer. The aim of the game is to teach the baby panda important life skills, so it can be released back into the wild when it's grown up. Children will be faced with a series of choices spread across 10 levels, meeting different characters along the way. They complete the game if the chief sanctuary officer decides their panda is healthy and skilled enough to attend the graduation ceremony and be released back into the wild. Once you've completed the game you can check your score and position on the leaderboard by going to:

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