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The Overwatch bot, OverTells, is built to push notifications out to any server using it! This bot is primarily here for you to get the latest Blizzard game news as fast as possible!

OverTells Gaming is primarily a news network, covering all Blizzard Entertainment games. Created by YWI and Voltage on February 6th, 2017; our website provides news for every game currently on the Battle.net launcher, while our YouTube channel (hosted by Voltage) focuses on entertainment videos for a wide variety of different video games. We have a Discord server where you can hang out, play games, and stay up to date with the latest Blizzard news! On top of this, you can use our Discord bot to have our news articles sent directly to your own Discord server, where you can fully customise exactly what games you'd like to receive news updates for.

List of commands: 
  • ot.enable {game} - This sets the invoked channel to the announcement channel for a given game. 
  • ot.disable {game} - Stops news from being sent to any channel of your server. 
  • ot.gamelist - Shows you all of the games that OverTells has to offer.
  • ot.invite - Gives you the invite link for the bot.

Check out our Discord server (http://discord.overtells.com/) that's where we can be able to help you mostly. Go on the #support channel, and we'll be there to support you.

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