Automated Travel Hacking

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NomadBot is an experience and budget-first travel chatbot. We help you find flights for places you had never considered by taking your budget and preferences and then searching every city that matches your interests; only showing you the best flights for cities you may want to check out. 
Beaches from London from $6 USD
Flights US to Europe from $120 USD
Digital Nomad-friendly cities out of Australia for $75 USD :D
The real travel hack is being open to seeing the world. 
We'll help you hunt down flight deals for a new kind of adventure. Where would you travel if you knew your options? Try NomadBot!

2 Reviews of NomadBot

Ampyx Ampyx PRO Oct 24, 2017

Well... Looks like I'm going to London! Great Chatbot!

Seth Louey Seth Louey PRO Oct 23, 2017

As someone who tries to save money all of the time, I absolutely love this bot! Love finding ridiculously cheap trips. The perfect bot for a nomad or adventurer.