Niki is an AI powered bot that's set out to simplify ordering experience

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Niki is your personal digital shopkeeper who helps you shop on chat for a faster, smarter and personalized experience through an intuitive chat interface. You can chat with her just like you chat with a friend, and explore personalized recommendations to choose what’s best for you and then complete the payment. All of this can be taken care of on a single chat screen. The chatbot provides 20+ services to over 400k+ users - such as mobile recharges, utility bill payments, cab, bus and hotel bookings, events and movie ticket booking, nearby searches and deals, with flight bookings and health services in the pipeline. To the businesses, provides a plug and play technology in the form of Niki Chatbot Software Development Kit, that can be easily integrated on their platform to sell smart with an AI. The SDK empowers the brands to provide an integrated services marketplace for their users through conversational commerce on their mobile and web apps. The Niki Software Development Kit (SDK) is mere 1mb in size, and can be integrated with a development effort of 30 minutes and 10 lines of code.

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    Manish Upadhyay Manish Upadhyay May 7, 2016

    Niki is an artificial Intelligent powered automated personal assistant to simplify the online purchasing experience by facilitating recommendation, ordering, and payment for multiple services on a single chat. She aspires to be a one-stop destination for all of your ‘purchasing' - a personal shopping assistant of choice for one & all. At present, Niki app is ready to help you with easy recharge, cab booking, utility bill payments, DTH payments & postpaid bill payments, but more features are yet to come such as bus booking, hotel booking, Flight booking, Food delivery, Handyman services and Insurance, to name a few. Benefits: Simple, easy to use & fast interface Take less than a minute to recharge your phones, book cabs or pay the bills. You can book cabs even on 2G You can search for the nearest or cheapest cab simultaneously on Ola & Uber Suggests best plans suited to you as per your input on chat Save preferences for quick repeat experience Get bill reminders before due dates