Night Light

The ultimate light for your night

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"Undoubtably the best night light skill in the Alexa store" - Chuck Norris (probably). 

Tired of stubbing your toe or standing on an upturned plug every time you need the bathroom late at night? Don't own a lamp? Never fear, Night Light is here for you in your hour of need! 

Night Light lets your Alexa cast a cool, subdued glow that's enough to see the way to the toilet without waking your significant other. They need their beauty sleep after all... And to make double sure we've even found a way to shut Alexa up so she doesn't chip in with some annoying comment at 3am. 

No, it's not that bright and yes it does pulse slightly but hey it's free and if you need a bright, constant light you should probably just switch on the lights! Enable Night Light and enjoy a brighter life today!

SPEAKING FIX: If Alexa starts speaking and tells you "to activate Night Light say glow" it means that you're not using the skill that was developed by us. We wouldn't dare ruining your good night's sleep! To fix, simply Disable the 'Night Light' skill in your Alexa app (the one with the candle logo) and Enable 'Night Light' skill (with the logo of a star). That should make "open Night Light" work and stop it from speaking!

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