The most advanced Pokémon experience you can get on Discord!

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Myuu accurately delivers what you experienced in the original Pokémon games, on Discord!

After countless hours of work we managed to quite literally bring Pokémon into Discord.

Battles, Gym Battles, Trades, Items, Abilities, Moves, EV training and everything else you would expect is possible with Myuu.

This is not some cheap shot into the vast sea of bots, it's the real deal. Try it and if you get disappointed rush by our support server to let us know what is that you didn't like or how we can improve!

3 Reviews of Myuu

dcomputer dcomputer Jul 21, 2019

what r commands? its say its off line

Rivernite Rivernite Oct 30, 2018

Best Pokemon bot on discord

Yui Yui Jun 6, 2018

Best bot on Discord.