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Kai, the bot inside MyKAI, helps you manage money, track expenses, analyze spending, set budgets, pay people, and answer banking questions. It’s as natural as texting a friend and secure as a bank’s mobile app. 

Kai knows 20,000 US banks, including checking and savings accounts, credit cards, loans, and mortgages. With all of your accounts in one place and Kai a text away, staying on top of your money is woven into your day, so you can go about your day. Here’s a sampling of what you can ask Kai to do for you:

Check balances: How much money do I have in checking? What’s the available balance on my cc? How much do I owe on all my credit cards?

Understand spending categories: How much did I spend eating out last month? How about travel? How much have a spent on groceries?

Set dynamic budgets: Ask how much you spent in a category, like restaurants or gas, and Kai offers to set an alert about spending in that category.

Track spending by merchants: How much did I spend on Uber last week? Last month? How much did I spend at Best Buy? Amazon?

Track spending in timeframes: How much did I spend last weekend? How much I spend on travel in 2016? How much did I deposit in Sept?

Track spending by amounts: What was my largest transaction in Nov? What was my most expensive restaurant?

Track spending by location: How much did I spend in NYC last week? What were my expenses in Big Sur last weekend?

Pay and charge people with Venmo: Pay Lauren $15 for pho. Collect $750 from Sasha for rent. How much did I pay Andy last week?

Increase your financial literacy without jargon: What is APR? How does compound interest work? How is a credit score defined?

Kai is smarter than the average bot because it’s built with conversational artificial intelligence that’s fluent in banking.

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