Music Bot

Adds Music Selection and Auto Play

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This bot plays YouTube videos in mp3 format. When a song selected the bot will download it and play it after the current song! I can play any video on youtube! If there are too many videos on YouTube with the same name, then I can play via url link. Note: if the song/video is not on youtube it can't play it.

Command to play music: !play "name of song"
Command to play via link: !play "youtubelink" 

99% percent of the times online (only offline when bot restart, at 1:00 am) 

Created By Rottweiler Games. Join my server to test the bot:

1 Reviews of Music Bot

jess jess Aug 13, 2017

why wont this show up for me in my discord?? i have added it several times but will not join