Murder Mystery Bot Offical

Are you bored and want to play Murder Mystery? Well, this is the bot for you!

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Explanation on the bot: 

Murder Mystery Bot is a bot that is similar to Town of Salem and Wumpus Murder Mystery. When the game starts, it grants you a good morning. There are cycles for night and day. 
The game will go on forever until someone has killed someone, so you can have a game for like 1 year, lol. So, yeah, there are 6 roles, one is Murderer (obv) the murderer has to kill everyone and if they are the last one standing, they will win. 

The second role is a Detective, they can search to see who the murderer is OR they can shoot because they think the person is the murderer (right now they have unlimited bullets, but this will be fixed in the future). 

The third role is Healer, they will heal people that have been falsely voted to be hung or have been murdered, or have been shot or have been executed by the Jailor. The healer only has one job and is also probably the worst role in history. 

The fourth role is Assassin, they get assignments to kill people and they will gain money if they do it, only the murderer can assign people though, the assassin doesn't know who the murderer is, but the murderer knows who the assassin is, the murderer cannot attack the assassin because the murderer and assassin are "partners". 

The firth role is Jailor which can jail people and ask them questions, if the jailor thinks the person is suspicious, they may execute them which would kill them, if the jailor executes a wrong person, they won't be able to execute again (will add later) 

The sixth role is Innocent, which cannot do anything but be a regular townsperson. 
So that's a murder mystery for ya. I also forgot to mention that you can hang people you think are suspicious in the daytime, in the night time you can do stuff as your role. If you are an Innocent, you won't have any channels except #murdergame. 

There may be bugs in the game as I and August will try and fix the bugs we find. We haven't received any bugs, so if you find a bug, please type mm!bug [message] 

NOTE: I resubmitted the bot because for some reason it isn't showing on my account

As seen from many people, here are the commands:

Regular Commands

mm!invite - Invite Murder Mystery Bot to your server!

mm!server - Shows you the invite to the Offical Murder Mystery Bot Server!

Game Commands

mm!game - Shows the detail of the game and how to play I guess

mm!game rules - Shows you the rules of the game!

mm!game start - Start a game!

mm!game fixgame - Attempts to fix the game.

mm!game join - Join a game!

mm!game setupdata - Add your guild data in our database!

mm!game addhostrole <role name> - Add your host role to the database!

mm!game leave - Leave the game!

mm!game gamestart - Start the game which will create all channels and setup roles, etc...

mm!game stop - Stop the game!

Ingame Commands

mm!kill <@user> - Kill a user! (Murderer Permission Needed)

mm!search <@user> - Search the user to see if they are the murderer!

mm!shoot <@user> - Shoot a user if you think they are the murderer!

mm!broadcast - Broadcast a global message to the news!

mm!votehang <@user> - Vote to kill the person if you think they are suspicious!

mm!jail <@user> - Jail a person to interrigate them

mm!execute <@user> - Execute the user if they are suspicious...

mm!heal <@user> - Bring the user back from the dead!

mm!lastwill <will> - When you die or get hung, there will be a lastwill message to all the users to see before you actually die.

2 Reviews of Murder Mystery Bot Offical

lucila lucila Nov 11, 2017

there's nothing indicating how to use commands with this bot anywhere and you can't even DM it for help

PotatoPvP200 PotatoPvP200 Oct 22, 2017

Its a good bot BUT need to show it saying next to their name: Playing <command> Anyhow, what are the commands for this bot?