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Widebot Chatbot


The First Arabic-Focused Bot Builder Platform

Email Platform Messenger Platform Web Platform  Pro

3.0K 1 6

Rasa NLU Chatbot

Rasa NLU

Open source, drop-in replacement for NLP tools like

SMS Platform Email Platform Slack Platform Telegram Platform Android Platform iOS Platform Web Platform Kik Platform Messenger Platform Skype Platform Discord Platform Twitter Platform Viber Platform WeChat Platform

6.8K 0 6

Hazie Chatbot


Job placement robot

Messenger Platform

1.9K 4 6

Ease Chatbot


Get freelancing gigs on autopilot through FB Messenger

Messenger Platform  Pro

5.2K 4 6

Katy Perry Chatbot

Katy Perry

Official bot of Katy Perry

Messenger Platform

34.0K 2 6

Space and Lemon News Bot Chatbot

Space and Lemon News Bot

Interested in digital ohlala? Get 3 digital news every Monday.

Messenger Platform

4.9K 1 6

Neil Chatbot


Personal Curator AI

Android Platform iOS Platform Google Assistant Platform

4.2K 1 6

Pollux Chatbot


A fancy maid for fancy communities

Discord Platform

17.5K 3 6

ScoreStream Scoring Bot Chatbot

ScoreStream Scoring Bot

Real time scores for high school and other local sports

Messenger Platform

7.9K 1 6

Sweep Chatbot


Pick sports winners every day via Messenger and win Amazon $$

Messenger Platform  Pro

103.6K 4 6

Nat - The Personal Relationship Manager Chatbot Chatbot

Nat - The Personal Relationship Manager Chatbot

Helps you to build and maintain your relationships

Messenger Platform

71.5K 1 6 Chatbot

Easily create Artificial Intelligence to do almost anything!

Web Platform

9.6K 7 5