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Hazie Chatbot


Job placement robot

Messenger Platform

1.7K 4 6

Ease Chatbot


Get freelancing gigs on autopilot through FB Messenger

Messenger Platform  Pro

4.4K 4 6

Katy Perry Chatbot

Katy Perry

Official bot of Katy Perry

Messenger Platform

30.5K 2 6

Space and Lemon News Bot Chatbot

Space and Lemon News Bot

Interested in digital ohlala? Get 3 digital news every Monday.

Messenger Platform

4.8K 1 6

Neil Chatbot


Personal Curator AI

Android Platform iOS Platform Google Assistant Platform

4.1K 1 6

Pollux Chatbot


A fancy maid for fancy communities

Discord Platform

13.6K 3 6

ScoreStream Scoring Bot Chatbot

ScoreStream Scoring Bot

Real time scores for high school and other local sports

Messenger Platform

7.7K 1 6

Sweep Chatbot


Pick sports winners every day via Messenger and win Amazon $$

Messenger Platform  Pro

103.4K 4 6

Nat - The Personal Relationship Manager Chatbot Chatbot

Nat - The Personal Relationship Manager Chatbot

Helps you to build and maintain your relationships

Messenger Platform

71.3K 1 6 Chatbot

Easily create Artificial Intelligence to do almost anything!

Web Platform

9.3K 7 5 Chatbot

Build your own Siri. Speech interface for apps and devices.

Web Platform Messenger Platform Slack Platform

8.1K 0 5

IFTTT Chatbot


Automated connections between web services

Slack Platform Skype Platform Telegram Platform

3.5K 1 5