Month to Master

Learn anything in 30 days, with the help of an AI coach

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Meet Max, your artificially intelligent coach. Max lives inside the 'Month to Master' app, and can help you learn a new skill in 30 days.

At some point in our lives, we've all wanted to learn something new -- everything from a new language to a new instrument -- but we often find it hard to get going and keep going. At other times, we aren't exactly sure what we want to learn, but we still crave a new kind of challenge in our life.

Max will help you find the perfect learning goal, create a practice schedule, and remain accountable. Once you're set up, and begin your 30-day challenge, Max will coach you every day, or as often as you want, to help you succeed.

If you're not sure what to practice, Max can help. If you're hitting a wall, Max can help with this too. Over time, Max's coaching will get better and better.

If you are ready to learn something new and maximize your potential, download the app to start your own 'Month to Master' challenge. Max is ready to meet you.

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