Monitor Website File Changes

Get notified when someone modifies anything on your website

The bot takes a snapshot of the contents of your website, and then regularly monitors the files (size and timestamp) for unauthorized changes, deletions or additions. If any of these events occur you will be the first to know! Knowing that someone uploaded a malware on your website in real-time is definitely better than Google or clients finding out before you do. 

Another use case is when more people have access to the same site. In this case, it is good to know what is being done. If things stop working, and half an hour before someone has modified a file on your site, in all probability events are connected. Knowing this allows you to save time to figure out what happened. 

Top use cases: 
  • To be notified in case someone uploads, delete or modify any file on your website 
  • To know if your website has been infected with malicious code like shell, backdoor, etc. 
  • To know where to look in case your website get compromised 
  • To protect your website from 0-day exploit

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