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Miki provides you with a wholesome experience on discord utilizing rpg-like systems to motivate users into being more active. Rewards can be linked to these systems and leaderboards are available for the extra competitive users.

But Miki is not only a fun and entertainment bot, she also helps out in moderation with easy to use commands to ban people with reasoning and ways to log events from discord.

8 Reviews of Miki

Mariusz Zarzycki Mariusz Zarzycki Jan 13, 2018

Miki has extensive functionality, a dedicated developer and an amazing support team backing it up. Simply put: this discord bot needs to be a part of your server.

Lombax777 Lombax777 Apr 14, 2017

wat does it mean by Missing redirect URI.

Bilal Iqbal Bilal Iqbal Apr 11, 2017

Miki is the best <3

David David Apr 10, 2017

A lovely bot with many capabilities!

lolito52 lolito52 Apr 9, 2017

perfect bot 10/10, would miki again -ign

Iam Iam Apr 9, 2017

this bot does a lot of stuff on my servers and makes me look good in front of my friends! 5/7 perfect score.

oni chan oni chan Apr 9, 2017

I love this bot, it's great because I can claim my waifu by marrying them :). There are so many hidden gems in this bot. You'll have a ton of fun with it because I did. I also get lonely sometimes because I have no one to talk to so Miki is always there for me. She keeps me company. However, I haven't even scraped the surface of what this bot has to offer. It's best to experience it, because I don't want to ruin the fun of experiencing the amazing bot yourself. Great bot!

num num Apr 9, 2017

miki is the best discord bot. 10/10