Your personal savings assistant

Mespo is your personal money hero who not only identifies that you might be overspending but actually fixes it for you. No more overspending on bills, subscriptions or forgotten credit card payments. Join us now on Facebook Messenger to start saving money.

Every day, we check for savings opportunities, on your energy bills or forgotten subscriptions for example.

Our smart algorithms can see things the human eye can’t - so no savings opportunity goes undetected. Once you give us the go ahead, we will do all the legwork to change your service and save you money. And if you don't want to do anything? Well, that's okay for us too. We never do anything without your explicit consent. We do the paperwork.

All this for free? 

In the future we will run a profit sharing model, taking a small percentage of the savings you make (around 5-10%). This allows us to always stay objective and impartial when recommending the best services. But if you sign up now - yes it’s absolutely free! Sit back, relax & enjoy your life.

We know you have better things to do than thinking about saving money. Let us do the work in the background and focus on what really matters to you - like planning your next holiday, for example.

What about security? 

We have a read-only access to your accounts, meaning that we only can see your transactions but not touch your money. We partner with SaltEdge Inc., a leading financial data specialist, which handles the bank connection process and has bank-level security in place. Additionally, we are registered with the UK's Information Commissioner's Office.

How can I contact you?

Give us a shout on Twitter (@MespoUK) or send us an email to or call us at +44 (0)207 427 6072.

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