Lightweight note-taking app for technical teams

With Memo it’s quick and easy to save and find code snippets, meeting notes, links, Slack messages, or other short work notes – right inside Slack or on the web.

Easy to save
If you see an important message or file in Slack, save it in Memo with one click, by starring it. 

If you have a thought or idea you’d like to capture, use /memo-save directly in Slack or write a note in the web app.

You can write notes using both Markdown and Slack formatting, including @users, #channels and :emoji:. 

Find it quickly
Type /memo-find followed by what you remember to find what you saved, without leaving Slack.  Everything saved is searchable by board name, keywords, @author or #channel. 

Stay organized
Organize notes in boards, and even link different boards and notes between each other to create a team wiki.

All boards can either be kept  private to you, or shared with your team.Never forget great ideas or lose valuable information shared by your team!

Reviews of Memo

Mircea Pasoi Dec 10, 2016

This description is outdated, how can we update it?