Tiv is your friendly personal assistant, powered by AI

Forget things? Me too… Just kidding, my name is Tiv and I’m your friendly personal assistant.

It's kind of my job not to forget anything ;). I can make sure you remember things, so you don't have to. 

You can easily ask me to remember things like passwords, events, and tasks.

I can also manage lists, send you weather updates, jokes, get daily calendar insights and even set memories!

You can say things like:

"my car code is 1234"

"remind me to buy a costume a week before Halloween"

"take a deep breath every few hours"

The more we chat the more I’ll be able to use my AI skills to know how/when to assist you best. Think of me as your own 24/7 secretary (except I don’t charge for overtime and I work holidays). You can chat with me on FB Messenger, Telegram, Email, SMS and even Alexa.

To learn more, visit:

Customer support

32 Reviews of Me

Beth Nov 13, 2017

She is so cute and nice (I know it's a machine, and still) Most important super easy to use! there is a premium version?

Elizabeth Nov 13, 2017

Amazing job! You can actually have a conversation with this fellow :)

Marcio Aug 14, 2017

Good job with the web-view on FB messenger

Adikul Aug 14, 2017

I like it mostly because it tell you jokes and send funny GIFs with the reminders

Sebastian Aug 14, 2017

Wake up call is one of your best features, like it so much

Sunnie Aug 14, 2017

That is so cool! ! You are doing awesome

david shu Aug 14, 2017

Good job, first that actually you can chat with. please add voice support

Marcel Aug 10, 2017

Amazing!! Best in the market

Alexander jod Aug 10, 2017

I like it when it ask me what i want it will learn next, like what features..totally go on calendar!

arthur Aug 10, 2017

nice probably the most advanced in the market, currently..

sylvia Aug 10, 2017

OMG I love this cutty bot, saved my life when it reminded me about my friend b-day :)

jerrry Aug 9, 2017

I literally forget everything. The other bots i've tried don't know a reminder from a brick.

Robert Aug 9, 2017

I likes it. Me is my friend when others can't talk.

Jennie Aug 9, 2017

So many platforms, Love it

Adam Aug 9, 2017

These other reminder bots are crap compared to this. Easily my every-day go to!

Zack Aug 9, 2017

10/10 The team really wants to here feedback, and they fixed the problems I had, immediately. felt no need to rage quit

Jerry Aug 9, 2017

I'm very fond of this one. The other ones are too impersonal.

Harrison Aug 9, 2017

meeooooow. meeeeow. meoooow likes mee!

Sander Aug 9, 2017

I thought i was talking to a real person!

yehuda shekelberg Aug 8, 2017

I must say I'm shocked. I've been searching through this site directory for a while trying to find a good reminder tool, and they all pale in comparison.

Sammy tol Aug 8, 2017

This is amazing! I don't get how jarvis can even be put on the same playing field when it comes to personal assistant chatbots! Great job!

Matt PRO Aug 8, 2017

Thanks for your support all! Let us know if you have any feedback!

Derek Aug 8, 2017

Just tried it both on Messenger and Telegram. Definitely worth checking out, it's understanding is better than most assistants I've seen in the productivity space. It might even have better weather understanding than Hi Poncho but don't get me wrong. I've also figured out you can use it on multiple platforms, and keep all reminders synced so that's innovative! All in all I'll continue to use it and see what else it can do for me. Great job to the bot makers!

Scott Aug 8, 2017

Good job guys, If you are looking for bot developers I'd be happy to apply.

John Aug 8, 2017

Where have you been?!

Elizabeth Aug 8, 2017

LOVE IT ! he is so cute and funny! I really wasn't sure if it's a human or person

Nofar Albarak Aug 8, 2017

cool I like the cross platform thing, I use the SMS, less distractions :)

Matt PRO Aug 8, 2017


Sam Rolberg Aug 8, 2017

This is better than Jarvis and others by far... Would love support for Slack please.

Rob Aug 8, 2017

I must say I'm impressed!