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Our mission is to connect random people in order to provide them with new and fresh experiences. We want our users to gain small glimpses into other people's lives and minds, learn about their cultures, make acquaintances, find new friends or even fall in love. 

We aim to achieve our goals with LINQME, a Messenger bot that lives within the Facebook universe. 

Talking to a stranger is only a mouse-click away. As LINQME expands Facebook's capability, we strongly align with their mission statement, core values and the urge to connect people. Facebook allows us to stay connected with our friends and family, LINQME allows us to find family and friends, we have never met before. How does it work? Easy! 

Just send a message to the LINQME page on Facebook: 

It will connect you with a stranger and you can chat anonymously.

1 Reviews of LINQME

Mike Meier Mike Meier Aug 30, 2017

I had a lot of fun with linqme. Got connected after about 20s to someone in Canada. Was quite a good talk about the recent GoT saison. Looking forward to see some new features like meeting someone nearby. Great worl, bot looks really awesome!