Run asynchronous standup meetings and track time in Slack

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Run asynchronous standup meetings 

Limibot seamlessly creates a standup meeting with the members of your team. All you have to do is answer a set of questions that the bot then posts to a channel. This allows for a nonintrusive process that helps your team stay focused on the real tasks. Take a quick look at how it actually works as a daily process. 

Track time and generate reports 

Using the collected data, Limibot shows you reports and insights on what your team is doing. Keep an up-to-date team-wide overview and detailed project reports. Accurate data helps managers make more informed decisions and do better planning. Limibot’s reports improve your team’s client billing, reporting and communication.

1 Reviews of Limibot

Annyfeather Annyfeather Apr 27, 2017

Since we use limibot,we start a new way of working .Every day it collect daily report and working hours to make work progress transparent.This is really important to us. In short, limibot makes our work experience better.